Travel with Friends – East Oahu & Haleiwa


트레블 포토스냅

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Your first stop along the North Shore will be charming Haleiwa, about a one-hour drive from Waikiki. More than the laid-back surf town it seems, Haleiwa is filled with local style and country ambiance, as well as cool surf shops and boutiques, charming art galleries and understated restaurants housed in plantation-era buildings.

오아후섬일주 포토스냅

Travel in Oahu Island

  • 소요시간 약 4~5시간.
  • 차량(드라이버 포함)
  • 포토그래퍼 동행 포토스냅
  • 촬영로케이션: 하와이카이, 블로우홀, 할레이바타운,새우트럭

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