Honeymoon Snap- Honolulu Downtown #751


트레블 포토스냅

 image - Honeymoon snap #751

Let's make your Honeymoon photos like celebrity images in fashion or travel magazines.

Having lengthy and stressful preparation of wedding, your exhausting mind can be rewarded by a honeymoon which you dream on during the wedding preparation. Good news is that it is the time for you to take breathtaking photos with marvelous and beautiful Island of Hawaii. Memorable photos of your honeymoon present unforgettable and precious memory. Keep in mind that your photos of honeymoon remind of the happiest moment of you and your loved one with promise of spent together rest of your life. Enjoy the moment and the time of taking photos because it will remind of your happiest time of you and your loved one’s new beginning.

허니문 스냅

Honeymoon Snap

  • 소요시간 약 2 ~ 3 시간
  • 차량(드라이버 포함)
  • 포토그래퍼 동행
  • 로케이션: 와이키키 해변 & 다운타운 호놀룰루(시내)
  • 복장: 편안하고 개성있는 둘만의 스타일리시한 허니문 옷차림

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