Solo Travelers – Snapshot *60 A #3002


트레블 포토스냅 / 싱글스냅  image - solo traveler #60 A - 3002

It is a fabulous experience being a solo traveler. It is now one of major travel trends. Traveling on your own is a fun way to have new experiences in your life. If you come to Hawaii, it will be a great time to travel with all those factors of the beauty, nature, culture and adventures.

When you plan a trip to Hawaii and  want to have the absolute best pictures for yourself, you will realize it is hard to create the best photos of you by using your phone. How to take great travel photos as a solo traveler? Here we are! Let's capture the most precious moments and excellent images of you.  Travel photo-shoot for solo travelers is good for your unforgettable moments and memories. It is an important time of your life and won't come back so why not to capture snapshots.

Let's make your travel photos like celebrity images in fashion magazines

싱글 스냅- 스케치

Solo/Single Snap Sketch 60A

*촬영장소:  2  로케이션(와이키키 스트릿 & 비치)

*소요시간:  약 60분 (도보 이동 & 촬영)

*촬영 소품: 모자, 선글라스 등의 개인용품

*촬영의상: 1~2벌 

-이 상품은 심플 스냅상품이며 의상 변경시 그 시간만큼 촬영시간이 줄어들 수 있습니다.

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